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Advancement in technology encourages companies to move forward, advertising through internet, extensive system network, proper system inside company, complete overview of business from any location are becoming an important points in the business now-a-days and it needs to be properly supported by sophisticated technology.
At CAYO, We are ready to assist your business growth!
PT CAYO INFOTECH is the company that develops the products based on best available technology, attractive websites, modern applications and network management system. We offer web-based services to our clientele throughout Indonesia. We integrate all business experience, reliable technical knowledge and quality of our work as a solution to your business progress.
An overview on our products:
CAYO covers 3 different aspect of information technology that is:
1. Website designing and development, We call it CAYO WEB
2. Application software for individual business needs, which is known as CAYO APPS.
3. Network management System termed as CAYO NET.
Each of these aspects covers particular portion of information technology which are described below:
• Introduce you and your company to the world through the Internet.
• Ensure your website is going to appeal your target customers.
• Provide monthly analytic data about website.
• Increase website traffic by SEO.
• Make your business operations easy by providing a web-based working system
• Full control of business, you can have real time business performance reports and also can check employee efficiency anytime anywhere.
• Finding strength and weak points of your business
• Helps you determine forward planning for the progress of your business, because you can know your business results in real time!
• CAYO NET provide, support for connect your offices
• System management domain
• Proxy System
• Data server
• Mail server
• LAN (Local Area Network)
• CLOUD computing
Wait is over, get in touch with CAYO to have full control on your business!


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